Friday, 31 May 2013

Memories, light the corners of my mind…

Thank you Barbara for that introduction. I cannot believe this is the last day of Blog Every Day in May! I’m really sad to see this challenge go, it’s been great to get to know other bloggers and I’ve ‘met’ some amazing people too. I’ve been back in Birmingham for the last couple of days because sadly my granddad is in hospital. So I’m currently sat on a train to Euston writing this. Thank goodness for my mini laptop! 

Also, I conquered a fear over the last couple of days. You may remember me saying that my biggest fear is needles. I think at the same time I also said that I needed two injections for my trip to Thailand in the summer. Well, that day came yesterday. There was a lot of tears and fears but I GOT MY INJECTIONS! To anyone else this might not be a big deal, but I am so proud of myself and I wanted to share that with you. It took an hour and a half to get through it but I managed, the poor guy must have been so fed up. And it was all with the help of Jenna Marbles (I watched the below video to help me). So snaps for me!

Onto today. A vivid memory. Well, my memory is terrible but I do have a few that stuck out from when I was younger and today I’m going to share one. You may remember me saying that I have family in Chile; I’m half Chilean so all of my mum’s family are over there. We used to go every other Christmas and then for some reason (money) I wasn’t able to go for 10 years. Now I have a job I can save to go every other year again (the off years will be filled with trips to Thailand as my dad is moving out there – I’m so travelled!). I have many memories from the younger years in Chile but the most vivid is when my cousin stabbed me in the foot with a fork. Oh yes, you read that right. We were eating lunch with my family at home and I remember her crawling under the table and stabbing me. Such a delightful child, she was only 5. Thinking about it – maybe that’s where my fear of needles came from? I can’t remember what happened after that but it hurt! So that’s a short but sweet memory for you.

For some reason I’ve become a lot more wordy with my posts so enjoy that essay! Have a lovely last day of May… I’m off out on my favourite ever night tonight – Ultimate Power in Camden. If you ever find yourself in Camden on the last Friday of the month, you know where to go. They play power ballads ALL NIGHT LONG and it’s amazing.

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