Saturday, 25 May 2013

Someone Once Told Me...

Today we are talking about something that someone once told us. I've thought long and hard about this, I've really found it hard to remember someone telling me something about myself. More recently I had the head teacher of my school tell me (while offering me my new job as a SEN teacher) that I am empathetic, and would suit teaching children with special educational needs and apparently that is a rare thing to find. But I've cast my mind back a lot further than this week for today's challenge...

When I was doing my GCSE's (at 15) I took on an extra subject. I attended Accounting lessons from 7.30-8.30am, twice a week, and my teacher told me that I was not good enough to pass. I'm sorry, but getting up early is not my forte and sometimes I was still half asleep in the lesson. No need for him to basically tell me I'd fail though. The day I got my results I ended up with a C and I was THRILLED! My teacher then came up to me and said "Well done, I knew you could do it!" An absolute lie. I always remember that and have worked my hardest to prove people wrong about my abilities.

Sorry for the lack of picture - I'm having a night in at a friends house so I've stolen their Mac to write this. On an unrelated note, I am not a Mac fan and this is stressing me out!

What has someone once told you that has always stuck with you?

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