Thursday, 16 May 2013

Daily Challenges in Life

We're on Day 16 of the challenge already - half way through! Today we're on the topic of something difficult  about our "lot in life" and how we try to overcome it.

I think I've mentioned my anxiety in passing in blog posts - I do find it hard to talk about it as it is something that does affect me. If I feel everything is on top of me, I start to panic and it can overtake things and make me think of bad things. I can get stressed too, which leads to the anxiety coming to play - it might be something big that sets me off, but sometimes it might be quite a small thing. Quite recently I had an anxiety attack when I couldn't find an outfit for a few drinks out and ended up staying in. While at my old school, there were mornings where I would sit on the floor and cry until the children arrived because everything had got on top of me. 

I eventually plucked up the courage to leave the school and started somewhere else, easing myself back into teaching. Since then, I have not suffered as many attacks and things are getting brighter for me. I also have been trying to have a positive outlook on life and see the sunny side where I can.

One day I will be able to share my full anxiety story, but that's not today. Trust me, I am working on it though.

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