Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Rant Time

Before we begin… I had my interview today and I got a job! Hooooorah! It’s not exactly the class teacher role I applied for, but I will be a class teacher in the language base in my school. That means that I will be teaching children with special education needs. So exciting!

So there are a lot of things I could rant about. It could be the tube in the mornings (always so busy!), or my iPhone battery (why wont you last more than a day?!). I could also rant about my broken hoover (I just want to be able to hoover the floor without it breaking every 5 minutes) and continuation errors in films/tv (seriously, if I can notice that he was holding that glass in his other hand, surely you can too film people can too). 

Today I want to rant about the unnecessary use of the word lol. Even typing it kind of offended my fingers. Yes, you find something funny, yes you may have ‘laughed out loud’ but please can you not say lol. It’s bad enough when people put it in texts but to SAY it is just too much. For example – “Hey I just spilt my drink” “LOL”. NO! Just laugh! We can see you find it funny by you laughing. And now I’m angry so I will stop there.

What do you find annoying and makes you want to rant?

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