Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Happiness is a Virtue

Today we're talking about things that make us happy. I work hard to keep hold of the things that make me happy, just because so much tends to worry me.

Awwww here goes...

1. Mia Familia - I really hope someone said that in their heads like Buddy from Cake Boss. If you did, we need to be friends

2. My Friends - Lotta love for them

3. My job - I get to spend my days having great conversations like this -
"What do we need to start a capital letter with? C...?"

4. Sloths - I just can't even...

5. Dachshunds - There are no words for this obsession I have.

6. My bed/pajamas - I can't work out which makes me happy. I think it's both.

7. Happy Endings - Casey Wilson, I love you.
8. Books - Oh hey bookworm!

9. Good music - I cannot walk anywhere without music.

10. Smiles - They do say smiling is infectious.

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