Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Childhood Memory & Favourite Bloggers

I’m a day behind on the challenge! But for a good reason - my mum has been in London with me this weekend so I’ve not been able to sit at my computer. But I’m here now and combining two days into one. Is that ok with everyone? Yeah? Good.

Day 18: A Childhood Memory
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I don’t have a great long term memory so for me to remember anything from when I was younger is a challenge in itself! But one memory that kept coming to me while I was writing was from primary school. I know I was under 9 but I can’t pinpoint an actual age. We lived close to school but my mum drove there as (I think) she had to go to work straight after. This particular day my grandparents picked me up instead; ‘this is strange?’ I remember thinking. They drove me home and a police car was parked outside. ‘Uh oh! What did I do?’ I thought to myself and racked my brain to think about if I’d accidently stolen something (when I was still in a pram, apparently I stole some gum by putting it in my pram and mum didn’t notice…). Then mum came to the door with a neck brace on. As she’d left school that morning she was waiting at a junction. From the left, a car had flashed his lights at her – now I don’t know about you, I thought that meant that ‘I’m letting you go’? Well this person actually meant ‘I can’t stop’. So mum went and the car went into the side of her. She came out of it with whiplash. That’s where my memory ends.

Day 19: Favourite Bloggers

I am still quite new to the blogging scene (I’m less than a month old!) and I’m always on the lookout for new blogs. The following have really inspired me to carry on with my blog and I just think they’re great.

1. Laura @ A Scottish Lass

I love this lovely blog. Laura’s reviews are absolutely great – so informative and I feel I can rely on her opinion if there’s something there I want. The photography with her posts is fantastic too! Check out this photography on the Urban Decay Naked Foundation post. The way she writes is great and she replies to comments which I think is just so nice of her. Now to stop fangirling and move on…

Again, I really like the way that Steph writes, she’s so friendly and just makes you feel glad you are reading. She also tells you how to make cocktail cupcakes. A girl after my own heart!

Life With A Side Of Coffee

She watches Smash, I love Smash… I can’t quite put my finger on what I love about this blog, but I just do.

And there we have it. Two days in one. And coming up in Sunday Social – I’ve been a busy blogging bee today!

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