Thursday, 9 May 2013

Day 9: A Moment

It's Day 9 of Blog Every Day in May and today we are sharing a moment in our day. Unfortunately I have been horribly ill over night so I've had to take the day off work, which means moments today are filled with ibuprofen and water. That doesn't make for an interesting day.

So I'm actually pretending that it's Monday, when I went to Richmond Park for a picnic. So here are moments from that day...

 photo 100_0144_zps77607d22.jpg

 photo 100_0142_zps0c0f551d.jpg

 photo 100_0140_zps0ce72d67.jpg

 photo 100_0139_zpsb8866ce4.jpg

 photo 100_0137_zpsee34f24c.jpg

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