Sunday, 29 December 2013

New Year [Sunday Social]

 Here’s to the last Sunday Social of 2013!

1. What is the best New Years Eve you've ever had?
For the past four years we’ve been to a friends flat down the road and they’re always super fun!
2. Are you doing anything for NYE this year and if so what?
This year instead of a house party, we’re heading to Camden to see Craig Charles DJ. Should be interesting!
3. Name a book we should all read come January?
Anything by Dorothy Koomson. She’s such a wonderful writer.
4. What are your new year's resolutions? 
I stopped making resolutions years back! I find I keep to them if  don’t plan them (if that makes sense!).
And there we have it. See you in 2014!

Sunday Social


  1. Thank you for the tip about Dorothy Koomson. I have added a few to my Goodreads Want to Read list. Happy New Year!
    ~Visiting from the Sunday Social Link-Up~

    1. She's fabulous! Happy new year to you too :) x

  2. Hope you have a wonderful New Years!!


    1. Thank you lovely lady! Have a fabulous time whatever you're doing :) x


Thank you for your comments you lovely bunch!

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