Sunday, 10 November 2013

This or That Tag

Because Sunday Social this week is all about Thanksgiving, and I am not American (although a move to America might be on the cards on day) I decided to do something else this Sunday. I saw this post on Sarah's Little World. It’s a chance to get to know me just that little bit better.
Make up; 

1. blush or bronzer – Blusher. I used to be a bronzer all over but I am now a convert to blush.
2. lip gloss or lip stick – Lipstick. Always. 
3. eyeliner or mascara – I’m more partial to mascara. I have long lashes anyway so I like to make them a focus.
4. foundation or concealer – Foundation. I don’t get many spots so it’s easy to cover them up with all over foundation.
5. natural or coloured eyeshadow – Natural. I don’t think I’ve worn coloured eyeshadow since I was 16!
6. pressed or loose eyeshadow – Pressed eyeshadow (although I used to be obsessed with those Barry M Dazzle Dusts when I was younger).
7. brush or sponge – I love the Real Techniques brushes. I swear by them whenever I do any make up now.


1. opi or china glaze – Netither.
2. long or short – Mine are somewhere in the middle. They break easily though so I always have to cut them so they’re the same.
3. acrylic or natural – Natural now, gels not too long ago.
4. bright or dark – Both. I love a pastel colour, but I also love a deep red.
5. flower or no flower – No flower.

1. perfume or body splash – Body splash. I carry one in my bag, always.
2. lotion or body butter – Lotion. I’m using a delicious Soap and Glory one at the moment.
3. body wash or soap – Body wash, I don’t like the squeeky feeling that the soap leaves.
4. lush or other – Other. I’ve never really got into Lush.


1. jeans or sweat pants – Jeans. I will only wear sweat pants around the house. I say sweat pants, I mean pyjamas.
2. long sleeves or short sleeves – Long sleeves (unless it’s really hot).
3. dress or skirt – Dresses. So much easier!
4. scarves or hats – I have an impressive array of both.
5. studs or dangling earrings – Neither. I let me ear piercings close up pretty much the month after I had them done.
6. necklace or bracelet – Either, but only on an occasion, not every day.
7. heels or flats – Flats in the day, heels on a night out.
8. cowboy boots or riding boots – Neither.
9. jackets or hoodies – Both. If it’s extra cold I’ll put on a hood ie under a jaket.
10. forever 21 or charlotte russe – Neither.

1. curly or straight – Curly. It suits me much better.
2. bun or ponytail – Both. Depends how it turns out really.
3. bobby pin or butterfly clips – Bobby pins. I always find loads around my house because I never put them in the same place.
4. hairspray or gel – Hairspray.
5. long or short – Long hair.
6. dark or light – Dark, but I have ombre ends.
7. side swept bangs or full bangs – Side swept. I wear glasses so I don’t think I suit a full bang. 
8. up or down – Down. But you know when I’m in a serious mood at work because I’ll put it up!

1. rain or shine – Both!
2. summer or winter – Winter is more cosy. 
3. fall or spring – Fall is pretty, but there is something about spring that feels lovely.
4. chocolate or vanilla – Chocolate. Full stop.

And there we have it, a little more about me. I’m excited to be back into blogging so I’ll see you all soon.

P.S Sorry for a lack of pictures, I'm on my new laptop (it's touchscreen - ooooh fancy!) and I need to swap my pictures onto here.

Friday, 8 November 2013

A Well Deserved Break



I have been incredibly absent from blogging in the last month. It’s been busy with work, and half term was spent in Italy for a friend’s wedding.


This is just a quick note to say that, from Sunday, I will be back and raring to go with the blog.


See you then Smile 


Sarah xxx

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