Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Day 8: Advice

Oh hey. As this is going onto the blog, I'll be playing with some Reception children in the sun. I'll probably be playing Princesses, or we'll be playing in the sand. Did I mention that I love my job?

Onto Day 8 of Blog Every Day in May. Today I'll be dishing out some advice. I'm probably not the best person for this as I never follow my own advice, but here goes. Something I like to think when things get rough...

Don't sweat the small stuff.

No really, I know it's tough but sometimes you have to push those things out of your brain. I am terribly for hooking onto an idea/thought and I will obsess over it until it's done. If I think I may have left the straighteners on then I will worry about it until I'm home (it's the same with locking the front door). It goes from the small things to things about work... Even if I write the thought in my diary for the next day, I will still obsess about it until I get to school. I'm basically a nightmare once I have something in my head! I will make my boyfriend listen while I go over and over something out loud. 

I remember my dad once saying to tell that thought to go away for a little while, and not to think about it. Say to that thought "I'm not going to think about you for 20 minutes, then I'll come back to you". Personally I can't do that as my obsessive mind will not let it happen, however I think that's very good advice to follow. 

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