Monday, 27 May 2013

To My Readers

Hello there you lovely, lovely readers. 

When I started this blog a little over a month ago, I really did not think that I would even get past a week, let alone a month, and still be going strong. Even though we are a small community (at the moment!) I am really thankful to every single one of you that read these ramblings. I'm still new to this and I am genuinely grateful for you for coming back. I really love to see what you're all up to, what you've done recently, and things you've got coming up, and you're all just wonderful. I think it's really lovely that we all can come together and feel comfortable enough to just share with each other. If I've had a bad day, I know you'll be here to listen. If I've had a god day, I know you'll share my joy.

Thank you for commenting. Thank you for coming to see what I've been up to (even though it's not always interesting!). Thank you for baring with me while I find my blogging feet. Thank you for making me feel loved. 

Love, Sarah xxx


  1. Hi sweetie!
    thanks for the visit! now following and wish you the best of lucks with your blog!


  2. aww honey this is such a sweet post! we wish you all the best, and as far as we've seen we totally love your blog! especially the design is lovely and really unique!
    keep it up:)
    lots and lots of love from switzerland,
    Rachel and Nina,

  3. Awh congrats to beginning a new blog and growing with your readers. I also just started my first blog here on blogspot than as my site grew branched over to wordpress, and the blogging journey has been a swell whirlwind of tough times when you have writers block and during good times when you connect with your readers. Love your blog design.


Thank you for your comments you lovely bunch!

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