Monday, 20 May 2013

Anxiety Struggles

Just a quick one for today’s challenge. I have an interview on Wednesday so I’m full steam ahead on lesson planning and interview prep!

Today we’re talking about what we struggle (why does this spelling of struggle not look right?) with. You’ll know from my Daily Challenges in Life post that I can struggle with anxiety. It used to be on a daily basis but I have managed to calm myself down a lot. Head over there if you want more!

To add to that I struggle with OCD in a mild form. I constantly think I’ve left my straighteners on, or not locked the door, and I will obsess over it until I’m home. Also, once I get something in my head (currently I’m thinking about what I need to remember to print for my interview) I will not stop thinking about it until it’s a) done or b) slept. If I do forget the next day, I have to be very aware to not think of that thing as it’ll start all over again!

As I said, sorry for the rushed post… It’ll all be done after Wednesday!

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