Thursday, 15 August 2013

Behaviour Boards

Last week I was faced with the mammoth task of transferring my classroom (check out the before here) into my own lovely space for my new class. First stop (because I didn’t want to do any planning) was my behaviour board. There are only 7 children in my new class so behaviour management will be a lot easier than it has been in the past when there are 30 children to manage. I love positive reinforcement; stickers, high-fives and all that malarkey so I was looking forward to making a whole board for the purpose. Don’t worry though, there are strategies in place for the negative but we wont dwell on those.


So here is what I’ve done with my board. It’s right by the SMART board so children will always be able to see it and we can refer to it in lessons.

On the left are rockets which are part of an two-tiered individual reward system. The first part is not visible in the photo (as it will be placed next to the carpet), where they receive a star for good things that they do. Once they have 10 of these stars they put a sticker on their rocket. Once they’ve teacher 10 stickers on their rocket they can  get a prize from the prize box (filled with bubbles, pens, colouring books, crayons etc.).

The big UFO on the right is a class reward chart. Because our behaviour board has a space theme we’ve adapted the typical marbles in the jar, and changed it into aliens in the ship. When the children are collectively behaving, or have done something well, they will get an alien in the ship. Their aim is to get 30 aliens to get a reward. The reward is changeable so we can decide what we want to do. The options are currently things like watch a movie, go to the park, and have a picnic.

In the middle is a poster with our class rules, which the children came up with themselves. They’re there as a reference point so that children can always see them.

So there we have it, it’s the first thing that I have done in this classroom and I’m feeling very proud of it. Let's see what's next...

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