Friday, 2 August 2013

Elegant Touch Envy Nail Wraps

After my success with the Essie Sleek Stick nail stickers I was really excited to head to Boots/Superdrug and get some more. There wasn’t a big selection in the local shops so I had to make do. I got the Elegant Touch Envy Nail Wraps in Deckchair Pastels from Boots (£5). I think they’re really pretty; they are different pastel shades with vertical white lines and really nice for summer.



Not going to lie, that’s where my love of these nail wraps ends.


Issue #1 – The sizes. Like the Essie set, there are 18 stickers and 9 sizes. With this in mind I thought it would be easy to find the right fit. I managed to get the right size for my little finger and that was it. The rest are either slightly too big (and I’ve had to try and trim them down) or too small (so there are gaps either side). And as for my ring finger, I couldn’t even find the right fit so I’ve had to use nail varnish (Rimmel 239 Your Majesty).

Issue #2 – Application. I cannot find the words to use here, but the Essie wraps felt sturdy while there were quite floppy. They also weren’t easy to line up the nail edge. They also weren’t easy to smooth down over the whole nail so the edges were risen and came off easily.

I’m really sad that I had to write a post like this about something I was excited for. I ended taking them off soon after I applied them because they were just annoying me. Have you used any of the Elegant Touch nail stickers, and what are your thought

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