Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Teacher Diaries

Margarita Rambles is still only 4 months old so I’ve not really settled on a direction yet. Plus I like being able to blog about what I want… I’ve been discovering new make up through the blog, I’ve been trying to live a more exciting London lifestyle through the blog, and lots of other things so I’m not quite ready to focus myself yet.

But what I am adding is The Teacher Diaries.

teacher diaries

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m a new teacher. I graduated from my teacher training in 2012, and for the last year I have been supplying around London. In January I was very lucky (or so I thought) to get a long term position in a school, which did not go well at all. I ended up leaving for my own benefit as I just couldn’t see myself staying there any longer.

After Easter I started at a new school down the road from mine as a TA, focussing on Speech and Language therapy with the younger children. Then I got offered a permanent job at the school as a class teacher in one of the language base classes. This class is a SEN class of 7 children, and they all have language difficulties; though some are more severe than others. I am so excited for this new challenge!

So The Teacher Diaries is my chance to share my experiences with you all. Being new to teaching, I’ll also be sharing things that I’ve learnt and things that I have found useful. Other teachers, feel free to get involved and help me out!

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