Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I Said I Would Never [52 Weeks of Blogging]

There are two main things that I said I would never do, but have ended up doing. I’ sure there are more but these are the two things that really stuck out in my mind for this prompt.

1. Be a teacher
I always thought that being a teacher was the worst thing I could do. But low and behold, here I am about to go into my second year. I’m not sure what put me off it, I think it was just the thought of having 30 children in my control and I was always in awe of those teacher that could do that and make it look so easy. But now I cannot think of anything else I’d rather be doing and I love my job.

2. Move to London
I’m from a town near Birmingham and I always thought that I’d stay in a town. The question of living in a big city, let alone the capital, was always a no. But then we moved to London, and I absolutely love it. I have friends that moved here from uni so I get to be with them again, I’ve met some new friends, and I always have something to do.

Considering those two things I would never do have actually both happened in the last couple of years, who knows where I could end up next!

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