Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 6: What Do You Do?

I have realised I missed Day 5 out. I'm sure I'll make it back to that at some point. Unfortunately I was too busy releasing my inner Diva to Beyonce. Here's a picture to encourage your inner Diva...

Oh Beyonce,  why so wonderful?

Back to today. Day 6 of the challenge asks 'what do you do?' without answering with our actual job. This is tricky for me cause I am so focussed on my job (making the right impression at the school cause I want to stay after this year) that I feel it's all I do!

Right now I am assisting children (mainly the little ones) to develop their speech and language skills. I actually start properly tomorrow but I've been planning/training over the last week. I absolutely love being in a school every day. Children are just wonderful to be around and I adore watching them grow over the days. It's unbelievable how one child can make your whole day brighter, whether it's because they have achieved something they've been struggling with, made an effort with their behaviour, or just because they are so darn nice. 

I apologise, I've made that about my job without meaning too... In general life I experience London as a newbie. I listen to music. I see musicals. I have fun with my friends. I read books. I write blogs. I'm (trying!) to take photographs. There, that's less about work!

You know the drill, come and get involved and Blog Every Day in May. 

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