Sunday, 2 June 2013

What’s In My Bag?

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but as I’m not prepared for YouTube yet I’m blogging it for you. Here’s my bag, I bought it for myself as a ‘yay' I got a new job’ present. I’m so generous! It was £40 from Topshop (I don’t think it’s available in many places – a few big, central Topshops didn’t stock it). It also looks smaller than it actually is, I manage to fit in lots!



I always have four bag essentials. My purse from Primark and I can’t remember how much it was but it was pretty cheap. I like big purses cause I have a lot of cards (although I’ve taken a few out) and keep my receipts. My phone with a Primark case. My keys, complete with little lego lion man I got from a Chessington World of Adventure press day. My headphones (available here) because I listen to music when I’m out and about. I go through headphones really quickly as I always seem to break them! These headphones (Skullcandy Ink’d) don’t completely cancel out noise but they’re pretty good, and cheap in TK Maxx.


Next we have a book. I know, keep up with the times Sarah; get a Kindle. I’m sorry I can’t. I like books. My one aim for a home is to have some sort of library. I’m a very girlie book lover – if it’s got a cute picture like this, I’ll read it. At the moment I’m reading Sophie Kinsella – I’ve Got Your Number (available here). I absolutely love Sophie Kinsella, she wrote the Shopaholic series and she’s great. If you want something fun and easy to read, go find her!


I recently had to buy a new diary (available here). My Filofax was just getting too big and I couldn’t fit it in my bag anymore. So I picked up this little love from Paperchase. I adore the pattern, it reminds me of Chile and that’s what attracted me to it. It comes with loads of different bits inside but I take them out and just have what I need. I also have this cute little Dachshund pen with 6 colours. My diary is colour coded (I’m such a teacher) so I need all this colours on me at all times. I can’t write something in the wrong colour, it stresses me out. Hello OCD!


I don’t wear make up in the day as I think my skin is passable without it so I can’t show you any of that. However I do carry around some little essentials. We have Vaseline healthy hands + stronger nails hand cream – my hands get so dry all the time so I constantly have to put hand cream on and this does the trick. Because I use so much and get through it really quickly, I don’t like to splash out because I’d be poor! I also have Boots essentials lipsalve with me at all times. For the same reason, I don’t buy expensive lip stuff because I just get through it too quickly. This is so easy to put on and it’s super soft. It makes my lips feel really good for a while too. I always carry deodorant and a smelly with me – Dove gofresh in grapefruit and lemongrass is my favourite. It smells yum and it lasts the whole day which is great. I also have Boots Natural Collection Passionfruit Body Spray and this lasts for a while too but sometimes I need a spritz in the day to just freshen up a little bit. Finally I have cute little ghost tissues. They’re from a shop called Tiger – it’s like IKEA for stationary.


I always like to carry some form of mint or sweet. At the moment I have both! I love these Extra Ice Mints as they are just great to pop into your mouth for a minty boost. Because I’m greedy I have two at a time… What a rebel! I also have some Creamy Strawberry boiled sweets from Aldi. They were 39p (I think) for two packs. You just can’t go wrong. There’s also one random little Mentos too.


And there we have it. That’s my whole bag for you. I love seeing what people carry so hopefully it’s given you an insight into me. Is there anything you carry that I haven’t got? Or maybe I’ve given you some ideas for your bag.

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