Friday, 28 June 2013

Top Festival Moments [Friday Five]

Aloha, from sunny Glastonbury! Well I hope it’s sunny, I’m actually writing this on Tuesday so I’m assuming there will be sun. By now I guess that I will have eaten lots of pork sandwiches (my favourite festival food), seen lots of bands, danced an incredible amount, and drank my yummy Malibu and Oringina (which I will definitely be drinking in moderation!). In honor of my weekend, for this week’s Friday Five I am counting my top festival moments (not just Glastonbury) from over the years.

1. BEYONCE (2011)
Oh GOSH, this was my favourite thing ever. I genuinely thought I was going to spontaneously combust with excitement when she did the Destiny’s Child medley.

2. Jay-Z (2008)
What’s Beyonce without Jay-Z? Yes, I was there when he came out to Wonderwall. It was incredible. That was when my love affair with him started and it will forever continue.

3. P!nk (2010)
Anyone knows I love this woman. I saw her first at Isle of Wight and it was amazing! She is such a performer and we loved it!

4. A Proposal (2011)
We were walking somewhere one day and we came across an engagement. The boy was on one knee, amongst the mud, surrounded by friends who had ‘Will You Marry Me’ on their backs. I probably cried and it put us all in a great mood for the day.

5. Bruce Springsteen (2009)
This year we were joined by W’s dad and friend. The hilarity! His whole family a The Boss fanatics so plans were made to get to the ‘optimum spot’ for his set. It was my first encounter of Bruce and I came away just astounded with everything about his performance.

And there we go. Such memories, I can't wait to make new ones this year! Do any of you have any top festival moments? 


  1. Hope you are having lots of fun :-)

    1. Thanks lovely! I'm on antibiotics for a poorly tooth :( Are you having a nice weekend? xx


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