Sunday, 23 June 2013

Shopping & Style [Sunday Social]

Oh hey! It's Sunday Social time again, why does it come around so quickly?! If you've joined me from Ashley or Neely then welcome. It's lovely to see you as always. This week it's all about shopping. Let's get going...

1. What is your favorite store to shop at?
Good old Primarkt. It's so close to my house so I'm always in there.

2. If you could afford anything and everything, which designer brand would you covet?
I enjoy Stella McCartney's dresses. One day beautiful dress, one day...
3. What is your must have closet staple?
I've taken a huge liking to midi skirts at the moment, those or jeggings. 

4. What is your favorite kind of shoes? (brand or type)
Just plain ballerina pumps. So comfy for work! But I love a wedge for a night out.
5. What is the best clothing deal you've ever gotten? (sale or amazing find)
I can't think of something right now. But I like to buy things that will last a while...

6. What is a style you'd love to try?
I'd love to be able to pull off maxi skirts... But they are a no go for me!

That's all for this week. See you next Sunday!
Sunday Social

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