Monday, 24 June 2013

10 Things I Live For [52 Weeks...]

It's Monday, which means week 2 of 52 Weeks of Blogging With a Purpose. This week it is all about the 10 things I can't live without. This is quite a tricky one for me because there are lots of things that I love in my life so I will try my best to narrow it down to 10.

My Family. They are wonderful. I don't live near any of them but that changes nothing. We are family at the end of the day.

My Friends. I have a lot of love for my friends. The people that I have around me in London make me really happy.

Music. I cannot go anywhere without listening to music. Someone once said that listening to music when going somewhere is for people who can't be alone with their thoughts. Wrong (for me anyway).

Nail varnish. I hate having bare nails. On some people if looks great, but I like to have colourful nails.

Flowers. There's something about flowers that make things feel better.

Summer. The sun. The warmth. The fun.

Photographs. Slightly ironic as I have a lack of photos today, but I love taking picture while I'm out and being able to look back on those times.

Memories. I like to reminisce on the good times.

Fun. Imagine a life without fun! Horrible, right?

Lazy days. Just those days, every once in a while, when you do nothing. They are the best.

On a slightly different note... Can I just say how much I'm loving this song!


  1. I agree...summer is the best!

    1. I don't like it too hit! But everything feels so much nicer in Summer! x

  2. I love having flowers in the house, it brightens my day just by seeing them as I come downstairs in the mornings. :-)xx

  3. I know! But I'm pretty useless and forget to buy new flowers all the time! xx


Thank you for your comments you lovely bunch!

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