Friday, 7 June 2013

Comedy [Friday Five]

Hi there! If you've hopped on over from the Five on Friday link up then welcome! It's lovely to see you, wont you stay a while?

 Last night I had a very impromptu night with involved a press film screening (I can’t say anything about it for now, but it is definitely my film of 2013 so far!), a comedy night and late-night burritos. During the random comedy night we stumbled upon, I decided to do todays Friday Five on my favourite comedians. I discovered most of these comedians at a monthly comedy night my friends put on in Balham (it’s called Rise of the Idiots by the way, and it’s on the first Sunday of every month).

1. Joel Dommett
I’ve seen him a ridiculous amount of times and even though he repeats jokes now and again, it just doesn’t get old. More information here.
Favourite moment: Crashing into a car door and falling into the drivers lap.

2. James Acaster
James Acaster just makes me laugh. You know when a comedian just has that hilarious demeanour? That’s him. Even with just one look, you will be in tears (of laughter, I hope, or else I’ve built him up way too much). More information here.
Favourite moment: Hardest job ever.

3. Eric Lampaert
The grin guy from the Up Your Viva adverts. Yes, you recognise him now! More information here.
Favourite moment: French Spiderman.

4. Rob Deering (not so lesser known)
Ahhh Rob Deering, what a hilarious man. He does lots of jokes with music and things. And he’s reet funny with it. More information here.
Favourite moment: I Feel Wonderful Tonight

5. Sara Pascoe
I originally saw Sara on a Channel 4 show called Campus. Then I saw her stand up and just loved her. More information here.
Favourite moment: Take That

And a little bonus – Greg Davies
Also know as the Head of Sixth Form from the Inbetweeners. His material comes from both his parents and his teaching years. Cue the most hilarious comedy gig I’ve ever been to. More information here.
Favourite moment: Everything he’s ever said.

Go forth and laugh!

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