Monday, 29 April 2013

Primark Mini Haul

Hi there!

I went to Primark yesterday and thought it might be lovely to do my first haul for you. 

I only went in for a pair of black shoes for work, and came out with two pairs of shoes, a t-shirt, a phone case, and a purse. Whoops.

First up, the t-shirt (£5). It's is perfect for the sun we appear to be getting as it's very light and thin. The front is a flower pattern while the back (which I didn't take a picture of) is more of a see-through material.

The shoes on the left (£12) are just plain black, with a bow. Perfect for work as I can run around with the kiddies. 
The shoes on the right (£8) are my new love. I've been eying them up for a little bit now but finally got them today. They're a lovely peep toe with bits cut out. I have really wide feet, and these are super comfy. 

Finally, the phone case (£3) is a lovely pink colour. I've been looking for a cut out flower design like this for ages and it was a bargain!
The purse (£4 I think) is a navy blue with very pale pink spots. It's pretty big with lots of space for cards.

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