Sunday, 21 April 2013

Dog Days

I'm not sure how to start this post without sounding like a complete and utter mental.

I love am obsessed with dogs.

If there is a show on tv about dogs, I have probably seen it.
If there is an article on Buzz Feed about dogs, I have probably read it.
If there is a dog in the street, I would probably go and stroke it (if I didn't think the owner would think I am a little crazy).
It's basically a problem.

So today (and first on my list of London fun) was Battersea Dogs & Cat Home. Hoorah! 

Now, Battersea to me is like Alton Towers to someone who loves rollercoasters; Heaven.

Except, it wasn't...

I spent the whole visit feeling very sad that these dogs do not have homes. I'm pretty sure I almost cried at every dog that gave me the sad puppy dog eyes. 
Also, it is pure torture that you cannot stroke the dogs, or even touch them, which made me feel even worse. At one point I started saying "Sorry, I can't touch you" to the dogs.

We noticed that most of the dogs in there are Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Now I (as you probably have gathered) love all dogs, and I especially love a Staffie. They are absolutely beautiful and loving dogs with a bad reputation.

Battersea have launched a campaign called 'Staffies. They're softer than you think' which has been created in support of Staffies and to bring awareness to this wonderful breed.

If I ask one thing, it is that you take a look at what the campaign has to say here.

After my emotional time at Battersea I cannot wait til I live somewhere suitable for a dog, and I will be heading straight for the home to adopt!


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