Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Franco Manca

As part of the idea that I haven't done enough in London as I should have, and fact that I always want to go to the same restaurants, we have started the 'Tuesday Club'.

Now, it doesn't actually have to be a Tuesday, but it happens every fortnight/monthly (that has yet to be decided). The idea is that we go to a new restaurant every time.

Yesterday was Franco Manca in Northcote. It is a pizza place that uses sour-dough and it is actually amazing. Everyone I was with rave about this place but I'm not a big pizza lover. However, I think I've been converted by this wonderful restaurant.

As soon as it opened there was a queue of at least 10 people so we did have to wait for about 10 minutes, and considering it was a Tuesday night that is pretty impressive! The waiter did bring us drinks to have while we were queuing so that is a plus!

Here's the menu.

The menu is quite simple; there are 6 pizzas to choose from. However, they do have a good list of extra toppings so that can make it more interesting. I chose 4 which was cured ham with mozzarella, and I added on some sun-dried tomatoes in place of mushrooms. I also stole half of my boyfriend's pizza which was chorizo.

I started eating before taking a picture because I was starving!

It's very rare that I eat the whole pizza, crusts and all. But this was one of those occasions. I just couldn't help myself! Everything about the pizza was just wonderful and although they have little (or no) tomato sauce on their pizzas, it really tasted delightful.

They also have a restaurant in Brixton Market, Stratford, and Chiswick so if you ever find yourself there with nowhere to eat... Well, you're welcome. Check out their website here.


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