Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tuesday Ten: About Me

So I've been thinking of a weekly post for the blog, something that will help you get to know me better.

So here it is, the first Tuesday Ten!


Tuesday Ten: Facts About Me

1. My name is Sarah Margarita. Yes that is my real middle name. No I am not named after a cocktail/pizza. 

2. I'm 25 years old. And a July baby. 

3. I'm half Chilean (from my mums side). I have a huge family over there and aim to go every other year. 

4. I'm a primary school teacher. I finished my training in July and am currently doing supply work for a little bit while I find my feet. I would love to teach Year 1.

5. I did a BA in Arts Management but decided to go with teaching instead.

6. I love Disney. Anything Disney. 

7. I also adore Beyonce. She is such a talent! 

8. I am a huge fan of theatre and musicals. Especially Les Miserables. I grew up listening to the soundtrack and have loved ever since. The first time I saw it on the stage I cried my eyes out!

9. I grew up near Birmingham, went to Uni in Leicester, and back to Birmingham for teacher training. Now I'm all settled in London (for now...). 

10. I'm a festival lover. Glastonbury is definitely my favourite. There's just something about the atmosphere, the mud, the food, and so much more! 


What Tuesday Ten topics would you like to see? Anything that will help you get to know me better :)


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