Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Social: Childhood


Today is Sunday and I'm joining in with Sunday Social with Neely and Ashley. What a fun idea!

1. Did you sleepwalk as a child?
Not that I know of.

2. Did you ever try to run away or sneak out of your house?
No, but once I was 15 minutes late for my curfew so I turned my watch back to the time i should have been home and just claimed ignorance. It didn't work.

3. Did you have any imaginary friends?
Yes! Me and my best friend had an alien imaginary friend each. We even wrote books about them. 

4. Did you ever go toilet papering?
Nope. I guess this is more of an American thing.

5. Did you ever sneak tv shows you weren't allowed to watch?
I'd sneak episodes of Sex and the City once my dad had gone to bed. That's when my love affair with Carrie Bradshaw started.

So there we go. My first Sunday Social.
I challenge you to get involved!

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