Tuesday, 30 July 2013

If I Could Turn Back Time [52 Weeks…]


I’d like to go back to the time above. I mean look at me, I’m a cutie! That’s my dog Pisco, my parents got him as a puppy 3 months before I was born, and then when I came along we were too much trouble so he went to live at my Grandparents house. But he was still mine. When I went there he would follow me around and always be with me, best dog ever. The day he died was the worst day of my life and I remember it even now.

At this time, my grandparents were both still alive and well. My granddad is currently in a care-type place because he keeps falling and he’s suffering from short term memory loss. It’s sad to see because, even though he’s 91, until last year he was so active. He danced, went on holiday, and golfed. Now he can’t really live and do things alone. And as for my grandma, she died in 2006 (aged 94 – amazing!). She fell over a golf trolley years before that and never was the same again.  Like my granddad she would dance and could do things on her own but once she fell, she just couldn’t. It was awful to see her in that state and so we knew she had to go when she did. Even though I cherish the time I had with her, it would still be nice to have her around to give me a hug when I'm sad.

Failing that, I’d like to go back to dinosaur times and meet all the dinosaurs!

Sorry for the sad-ness of this post, so thanks blogging friends for reading. What would you do if you could go back in time?

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