Monday, 14 October 2013

Another Late Sunday Social

Oh I just can’t keep up with life at the moment! I’ve had a new child in my class so I’ve come home exhausted every day. But here I am at 8pm on a Monday night, ready to get my blog on.

1. What is the first blog you ever followed?
I cannot even remember!

2. What was your first blog post about?
It wasn’t too long ago… I think i was just a sweeping introduction.

3. Who left you your first blog comment?
I don’t remember that either! I lost all of my comments when I switched from Google+ to Blogger so I can’t even have a look.

4. Who was the first blogger you ever met in person?
I’ve not been lucky enough to get to that point yet, but maybe one day!

5. What was your first “blogging milestone?”
For me, it was getting to 50 posts and not giving up. I’d tried before and didn’t get past a day so I was super proud of myself.

Thanks for stopping by Smile And see you next Sunday!

Sunday Social

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